Hello! Have you recently seen or acquired this violin? I love this instrument with all my heart and It was stolen from my car between 4 and 9 AM on June 4, 2016 in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. I'm Offering a reward for its return.

If you stole my fiddle:

I forgive you and I am not interested in getting you in trouble or identifying you in any way. Please do not worry yourself. I assume you're having a hard time and I'm sorry it had to come to this, I don't think anybody enjoys stealing. Please leave the label inside so that I have some hope of finding it, or feel free to be in touch with me anonymously. We can arrange a drop-off Point and I'll leave you cash, or You can just pretend you found it in a pawn shop somewhere and I'll be none the wiser. I guarantee you will be better off financially if you return it to me, as the instrument itself has been damaged (see picture).

It's a german strad copy from 1908. The inside label reads "Johan C. Meinel" or it might have been spelled "Johan C. Minel"

There is a crack running down the violin from top to bottom, parallel to the strings. See Photo Below.

To confirm the theft you can feel free to call call Mt. Airy Police Department ((336) 786-3535).

There is a reward for its return. This instrument is not valuable on its own but means very much to me.

My phone number is 401 864 9991 and my email address is sonya.badigian@gmail.com.